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For over ten years God has used the encompass ministry at Compass Point Bible Church to deeply impact the lives of countless single men and women.   Spiritual growth, support, discipleship, service, leadership, friendship, and fellowship are some of the ways people have been influenced.  Just as our personal lives go through many changes, encompass has also experienced many different seasons over the years.


As the summer season now approaches encompass is preparing for another significant change within the leaders and the ministry overall.  For some time now, each person on the leadership team has felt the need to step back from their leadership responsibilities due to schedules and other personal factors.  And so, without a leadership team in place encompass will be entering a “period of rest” so to speak; the ministry will not be starting up again this fall 2010.  This may be a temporary or permanent change, at this point it is difficult to know.  All of the scheduled spring and summer events will still take place, with the summer camping trip in August being the final encompass event. 


I am grateful for the time and dedication the leadership team has extended, and also previous encompass leaders.  The decision for encompass not to continue at this time was not an easy one to make – it was very difficult.  I recognize this conclusion is very disappointing, but I also understand and support each leader’s decision to take a needed break from their responsibilities.  


If anyone would like to stay connected through Facebook, please contact Laurie Whyte.

Laurie will be changing the encompass Facebook to a personal page that she will host for Christian singles to stay connected.  Also, if you would like other announcements related to Christian single’s events, please go to   The encompass website is still up and running, but will no longer be available after August.


If you have any questions or concerns about the change encompass is going through please contact any member of the encompass leadership team: Shirley, Lorna, Paul or Ken – thank you!


There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven -

Ecclesiastes 3:1



Sincerely on behalf of encompass,



Glenda DeVries


Pastor Compass Point Bible Church

1500 Kerns Road, Burlington




Please also contact Ruth at  to be added to their mailing list.  If you want to find us on Facebook for the next week, do a Facebook search for encompass singles Burlington. Click on the link to join and one of our team will be happy to comply.


Take care and God bless.  Thank you for all your support and friendship over this past season. We look forward to continuing to develop wonderful friendships with you all.  We will continue to read, reply and send out emails until after the camping trip.


Lorna (for)
encompass a ministry for Christian single adults